FDV meets the FRECCE TRICOLORI aerobatics display team

Rivolto, province of Udine, Italy. December 6th 2011

In order to develop as a person, sometimes you have to take a leaf out of other people’s books. That’s exactly what we did when we met a group of men for whom excellence comes as standard, finding the right balance is paramount and simplicity becomes the key factor in every action they take. Yes, we are talking about the Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale, the Italian aerobatics display team, a group of military pilots who are true men first and foremost. True in their honest assessment of themselves and the challenges they set themselves. Anything is possible when mutual trust means a complete confidence in one another. This brings out the best in people who make “risk” their job.

The visit to the historic airbase of the 313° Gruppo Addestramento Acrobatico, or the 313th Aerobatics Display Squadron, in Rivolto was an unforgettable experience for the FDV management. The Italian Air Force organizes tours every day at Rivolto airport, and first up was the daily aerobatics demonstration, followed by a meet-and-greet with pilots and mechanics who showed us the maintenance process at first hand.

JJ Large Floor Lamp unveiled.

Lt. Col. Marco Lant, Commander of the Frecce Tricolori (lit. the “Tricolor Arrows”) team, underlined the bravery and excellence of his men, declaring that “technical ability, although absolutely necessary and in this case completely undisputed, can never take away from the human aspect.” First-rate pilots and Italian Air Force specialists, capable of being creative, determined, bold, competitive, methodical, team players, thoughtful and confident all at once; undoubtedly the right kind of character if you want to be successful. When you consider this, the idea (or perhaps we should take it as gospel) that only by “keeping your feet on the ground can you fly high” begins to make sense.

An exclusive and personalized item, the maxi-lamp “The Great JJ” by Valerio Cometti and V12 Design, was given to the team as an expression of our gratitude for the wonderful time we had.

A big thank you goes out to all of the personnel at the Rivolto airbase, and also to Arianna Malagoli of Casa Trend magazine and Valerio Cometti whose attendance made the event even more special.



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