Make a statement with Pendant Lighting

1. What’s the latest trend in pendant lighting (what are they made of)

Statement Pieces are still the focus with Ceramics, Plastics, Rubber, Wood, Metals and of course the always fashionable Handmade Glass, typical of the Murano workmanship being the focus. This year smooth surfaces are broken by unprecedented glass details and relief decoration with ribbed and curved textured creating soft organic forms. Chromed and mirrored finishes give our designs technical style.

Umbrella Acylic Suspension Light


Italian Gold Leaf Suspension pendant light

Italian Lotus Pendant Light

2. Have the style changed from last year?

We are still seeing a running trend in new interpretations of classic designs, with the colours Pink, Fuchsia and Light Blue being the vibrant colours of the year and a continuation of white and clear Murano Glass.

This year introduces retro and organic shapes usually formed with hand blown glass and Chromed metal frames. Silk fabric drum shades are still big this year however concentrations are now on gold’s, blacks and silvers with plays of light created with the elegance of embroidery or crystal and silhouettes projected from the interior of the shades. LED is also being introduced into designs to highlight the art forms that light fittings are becoming.

Pinched Glass Italian Pendant


Copper 6 light hand blown glass

Bubble Suspension Light

3. Is energy efficiency and conservation a factor?

Yes, there is a growing concern and awareness for the environment, reducing our Greenhouse Gas Emissions has become a priority for the Australian Government, Industries and Residence, lighting styles are now reflecting this. It is now our priority to light our homes and businesses with energy efficiency in mind. Energy Efficiency does not have to be lacklustre or clinical; it is exciting to see some of the enigmatic efficient lighting options that are being introduced this year. We can still achieve a luxurious space using this type of lighting by having fun with the choices that are now out there.

Cotton Thread Silver 3 tier suspension


Chromed Mirror Suspension Pendant

White and Silver Pleated Shade Spanish Pendant

4. What’s the most important factor? Is it all about opulence, luxury and style?

Lighting design has always concentrated on opulence and style but times have changed for the lighting industry. Australia is now pioneering the introduction of eco-friendly designs where opulence, luxury and style are most definitely the most important factor in conjunction with energy efficiency and practicality.

Clear and Opal glass single suspension light


Metal And Opal Glass Pendant Light

Energy Saver LED pendant light



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