FDV Lights the italian road for Vespa

APC” event FDV/Vespa Lounge, 11.11.2011 (Nuremberg)

Custom Lighting’s FDV – ITRE

introduce “Managing a balance, when design goes through a product and meets technology” Valerio Cometti and V12 Design.

Vespa Lounge, Nuremberg 11.11.11

Made in Italy for Vespa Lounge!

Valerio, Daniele and I were invited to the Vespa Lounge in Nuremberg in Germany. It is a space created inside a big, abandoned oven factory, where “Made in Italy” is the rigor of a philosophy that highlights and transmits the values of a 100% Italian style.

Our agent in Bavaria, Rudiger Brunnacher, played host, introducing FDV Group as a company able to provide answers and solutions to an ever-changing market. Valerio’s speaking skills kept the attention high and aroused the curiosity and interest of the audience. He talked about the design that goes through a product and meets technology, converting our Katana lamp into a carbon fiber sculpture and a multi-functional, multi-sensorial object designed to produce light and play sounds.

It was a very pleasant evening, where conviviality, comparison and exchange of opinions created an authentic, interesting and respectful atmosphere where everybody could emphasize their identity.

We also enjoyed good live music, as well as good Italian coffee offered by Bristot.

My sincere thanks to all those who made us feel important with their presence and warm regards to my colleagues who provided support and collaboration for the good outcome of this event









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